Is X Manager still a part of Reflection Desktop Pro?


I am trying to run X windows and sessions using Reflection.  However, when I install Reflection onto my machine, it does not include the X Manager app.  When I just use Reflection Workspace, I can only run a terminal, and no X windows are forwarded.

This is a trial version -- perhaps X Manager is not part of the trial version of Reflection Desktop Pro, v 18?  Otherwise, where can I find X Manager?

Thank you!!



  • Verified Answer

    Hi Bradley, 

    The X11 Server and Client is part of the Reflection Desktop Pro 18.0 bundle. Have you had a look at the modify/change options in your add/remove programs UI

    There may have been an issue with the setting up of the eval link created for you. If you open a support case with the team we can get you sorted with a proper eval bundle which includes the Reflection X product.


  • Thank you Tom!

    I apologize for the long delay in responding--the alert that you had responded went to my Junk folder.

    I don't recall seeing that option in the modify/change section, so I think maybe Reflection X wasn't included.  However, I have since been able to get a full copy of Reflection Desktop Pro and a copy of Reflection X.  From within my corporation they are presented to us as separate installations/products.  But Reflection X does what I anticipated it would do.  Thank you!!