Micro focus closes immediately after windows update 8/31

Good Afternoon,

We have a few users who are having issues with Rumba 10.1 after a windows 10 update last week. The PC's are Latitude 7420's and 7430's with Windows 10 Enterprise and version 22H2. We have the Rumba package that includes Eagle1, Source Bridge, Talon, Tinet, Black Knight and then Rumba 10.1. None of the applications seem to open correctly as they open like normal for 5-10 seconds then immediately close. We have tried uninstalling/restart/re-install, unable to rollback windows update, installing manually with admin rights (nothing happens), installing via Microsoft Company Portal (fails), and no event viewer errors. What are some other steps we can take to possibly resolve the issue? I am not very familiar with the Rumba platform but the number of users experiencing this crash is slowly growing and I would like to look at all options in possibly resolving this. All of the users also reported that they updated their computer in the morning/evening and then the next time their computer booted up Rumba was unable to open right after the update had installed. 



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