Microfocus Reflection Desktop Pro version keeps saving my host ip address to my settings file.

Reflection Desktop Pro Version - I created a settings file ( with settings for Secure Shell, XTERM, Keyboard Map, color of font, width of the screen, etc.) for logging into routers. Each time that I click to open the file, I am then prompted to enter the ip address of the router that I want to log into.

Intermittently though, for some reason, when I click on my file to start a new ssh session, instead of being prompted to enter a new ip address for another router that I want to log into, Reflection simply begins connecting to the last router ip address that I connected to. The ip of the router that I last logged into, is intermittently being saved inside my settings file (which has a .rdox file extension). So I have to keep making duplicates of my original file, which does not have any ip address saved in it. This is so frustrating and has been going on for years.

I asked this question in Chat GPT and the only solution that it came up with was "create duplicate copies of your original file and when one file gets corrupted with an ip address, revert to an unused file copy. This is what I have been doing for years and would rather find a real solution.

I finally figured that I would ask someone here how to fix it. I do not know why this happens or how to prevent it. How can I get Reflection Desktop Pro to stop automatically saving my host ip address to my settings file? 

  • Verified Answer

    If you have the "Save document settings automatically" selected for "when closing the document" Workspace setting, Reflection will save the modified version of the session document and related files without any additional prompt. This might be the reason why the last IP address you entered to connect is being saved. To prevent this, you can try changing the setting to "Discard document settings". To do so, go to File -> Settings -> Reflection Workspace space settings -> Configure Workspace defaults:

  • It's been 29 days since you recommended changing to "Discard document settings" and it's been nearly that long since I made the actual change. Since making the change my IP has NOT been saved anymore. Thank you!