Rumba Desktop 10.2 .vb macro

we are currently trying to migrate from Rumba Desktop 9.5.0 to Rumba Desktop 10.2

in Rumba Desktop 9.5.0 we have a bunch of handy vb-cripts which are places as buttons (type "Play Macro")  on the toolbars.

but I can't create a Play Macro Button from vb-script in Rumba Desktop 10.2. I can't even see my vb-files in Tools\Edir Macro or Tools\Run Macro.

in documentation it stands that .rmc, .js and .vb macros are supported. Am I missing something?


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    Hi Iryna,
    I'm not certain if I fully grasp your issue, but you can create a new toolbar button in RUMBA 10.2 by following these steps.

    To add and remove toolbar buttons:

    1.If the Customize window is not open, right-click the appropriate toolbar and select Customize from the pop-up menu.
    The Customize window appears.

    2. Right-click the toolbar again and select New Button from the pop-up menu. The New Button window appears.

    There are Play Macro and Play Script buttons on the Standard RUMBA toolbar available.
    The Play Script option is only accessible after installing the ScriptEngine.msi included in the RUMBA package.
    RUMBA Scripts have a .csf extension. Rumba Macros the extension .rmc extension.

    hope it helps

  • Hi Andree,

    I probably was not clear in my struggle. 

    I have Macro.vb file and I can open it in the old Rumba 9.5. but I don't see how I can open it in a new Rumba Desktop 10.2

    My goal is to add macro.vb as a "Play macro" button on the tool bar in Rumba 10.2, the same way I have it now in Rumba 9.5

    Rumba 9.5 when I choose Tools\Run macro

    Rumba 10.2when I choose Tools\Run macro (it just not showing me my Macro.vb file)

    Rumba 9.5 when I'm adding Macro.vb as a button 

    Rumba 10.2 when I'm trying to add Macro.vb as a "Play Macro" button on the toolbar (again not showing me my macro.vb file at all)

  • By default, RUMBA 9.5 comes with built-in support for the RMC Macro and EML. The .vb extension is associated with the VBA Addon. Paste your Macro code into the VBA Editor and save it. Your VBA Macro is now integrated into your Session Profile and should be accessible whenever needed.

  • you mean i need to open VBA editor in Rumba 9.5 and save my .vb-macro there and then open rumba 10.2 with the same profile and macro will work? 

    if I just import my profile with buttons from Rumba 9.5 to Rumba 10.2 it's not working: nothing happends when i press button. and I still cannot see the macro via Tools\Macro 

  • You can perform the described action directly in RUMBA 10.2. Instead of opening the VBA editor in RUMBA 9.5 and saving the .vb macro there, you can directly work with the VBA editor in RUMBA 10.2.


  • just to be clear. do I understand correct the sequence of actions: 

    I should go to Tools\New Macro\ VBA then import  my vb-macro
    Save Rumba project and then required macro will be available in Tools macro menu? 

    I don’t see how to change the name for the macro and another question - I have more then 50 vb-macros are there any easier way to import all my macros to the new Rumba?

  • Hello Iryna,
    I was on the verge of requesting to open a case through our support line as we aim to validate the Macro content before proposing a solution. It appears that one of your colleagues has already initiated a case with us.
    Kindly ensure the submission of the requested Macro.
    Your cooperation is appreciated in advance. Thank you.

  • Hi Andree,

    yes, we have reised the ticket and provided all requested info.

    Hope we will find the solution soon. Thanks fo help.