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Starting Macro on start application

We are in the process of switching to Reflection 17 and in the previous version we used (14.1) we could use the following command to start Reflection and a run a Macro at the same time

/C rcrunmacro" + @"(""NewMacros.Test"", "")""

This does not seem to be working in Reflection 17. Does anyone know a command to get the same result?

/ Thomas



  • Hi Thomas Dilling hansen,

    The /C switch was not brought forward into the Reflection Desktop product.  Can you share more about the goal of the command line with the macro?  You are looking to launch a Reflection Session with a specific macro that runs at startup.   Reflection Desktop has the ability to assign a startup macro to a session file through the interface or you can change the value programmatically using VBA.



  • Hi Jeff, thank you for the reply.

    At the moment we are using the system scheduler to launch Reflection (14,1) at different times of the day with different Macro's that run a startup. Example can be that every 20 minutes it run Macro A and every 2 hours it run Macro B. But everything is done through the system scheduler on the server so we dont have to manually start it all the time.