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Reflection Workspace Min Display Width?

Hey guys, not sure if anything went through an update or change but I am having problems with the display requirements for my reflection workspaces.  Today when I logged onto my computer, I went to open the usual six different sessions that I have equally adjusted in window size to fit my 1920x1080 screen.  However, it now seems that I'm constricted to a minimum width/height for each session and can only fit four on my screen because I can't adjust them any smaller in width or height.  Seems to be a limit?

Does anyone have a solution?  I'm literally taking about the window size of the session and I can't seem to figure it out.



  • William.  Assuming there were no changes made to the Reflection files there might have been a Windows update that changed the Scale and layout setting in machine's Display settings.  Try reducing the percentage.  For instance if it is at 150%, reducing it to perhaps 100%.