Knowledge Doc: Secure Shell user keys settings “Remember user key for..” and “Always prompt for user key...” are not retained.



After a user enables the following two settings in the X Manager, the settings return to disabled.

  • Always prompt for user key during public key authentication
  • Remember user key for <user@host>



Upgrade to Reflection X v18.0 or higher.

A HotFix (HF) for Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows is a cumulatively built product update, intended for limited distribution, which addresses specific customer issues and enhancement requests; outside the regular Development release cycle. It is only available to Micro Focus customers with current software support and maintenance contracts, and only after contacting Micro Focus Customer Support directly.  A HotFix undergoes limited stability and quality testing and is intended for quick release to address specific product issues and should not be deployed to production environments without thorough testing.  It is recommended to upgrade to a full-release or a Service Pack version of Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows when it becomes available.

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