Have you checked out the Auto-complete feature in Rumba 10.1?


The Auto-complete feature is located under Options\Session Configuration.

The Auto-complete feature tries to predict what you want to type in an unprotected field on a native green screen, or in an InputField control in a Plus session.

The Auto-complete configuration allows you to enable or disable the Auto-complete feature in all green screen and Plus sessions.

You can set the Maximum List Length (maximum number of listed items) from 1-99.  The default is 5.

You can set the Maximum Number of Occurrences (this setting specifies the maximum number of times  a string is entered before it is added to the Auto-complete list) from 1-99.  The default is 2. 

If Auto-complete is enabled, you can also select Tools\AutoComplete Configuration.   This allows you to customize which fields on a screen have Auto-complete enabled. 


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