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1889-S when compiling a COBOL program

I have an activated license named "COBOL Server SOA (Production)(PA)" and the product Visual COBOL Development Hub 8.0 installed on a SUSE Linux Server. When I try to compile a Cobol program with cob -x ... I always get the message "1889-S License failure: no license available."

I found a solution with a blank line in the ces.ini file but there is no blank line. Also I tried restarting both licensing services. Nothing works for me. Do we have the wrong license or is it another problem?


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    Hi Paul Mäder,


    Welcome to the Net Express/Server Express section of the OpenText/Micro Focus Community site. (For future reference, there is a separate Visual COBOL section on this site for the Visual COBOL and COBOL Server products. But for now we'll try to get your question answered here.)


    From what you've described, it sounds like you only have a COBOL Server license installed. That license is runtime-only - it  supports running an already-compiled application under the COBOL Server product. It does not support development activities such as compiling. I see that you were correctly using the Visual COBOL Development Hub product when you tried to compile, but that product requires a separate Visual COBOL Development Hub license. I suggest that you open a Support Case to get assistance with obtaining a DevHub license. If you're not sure how to create a Support Case, you can use this page to find Customer Support phone numbers for your region.


    Please let us know if the above resolves your issue.

  • Hi,

    thanks for your fast reply!

    I try to contact the support to get the correct license today. But I tried running a simple helloworld program that I compiled on another system and there also occurs a licensing error. "245 There are no valid product licenses". I am a little bit confused why not even that is running.


  • Hi Paul,

    Sorry for the confusion. To be clear, Visual COBOL Development Hub (Dev Hub) product licenses provide support for development tasks -  such as compiling and debugging code, and for running an application (so that a developer can dev test the code they've just compiled.) However, the Dev Hub product only works with Dev Hub licenses (similarly, the COBOL Server product only works with COBOL Server licenses.) Once you have a Dev Hub license installed, the Dev Hub product should be able to compile and run programs in your development environment.