Net Express 5.0

I'm using NetExpress 5.0 since... yesterday. I used Netexpress 3.1  many years ago.

I cam compile all my project, after its conversion, but I can't obtain the exe file i DON'T KNOW WHY.

Anybody can help me?

Many thanks.

J. Marques

  • In the Project Window you must clic on package files and select *.exe *.dll or whatever you need. Otherwise you get only an *.int file


  • That´s what I've defined. I want to create a exe file. However, when the compiler is building the exe file, I reveive a message "Rebuilding         RELEASE\menuj.exe

    Rebuild complete with errors". It seems to me that the link is not running well...

  • Hello,

    Can you please enable the "Verbose build output", which can be accessed from clicking Options > Project? This will cause to display more details when you rebuild the executable, and you should be able to see more details about the error.


  • I have already enabled that option, but I can't see anything  that could allow me to solve this issue.

    I'm using Educational version of NetExpress 5.0, and I have another problem: I can't compile a program with more than 2200 lines!!!


  • The educational versions of Net Express do have a limit of 2200 lines as they are meant to be used in a limited capacity. If you want to do any serious development you will have to get a fully licensed version of the product.

    Net Express 3.1 and 5.0 are very old products and are not supported anymore. The latest product line is Visual COBOL which supports all the latest operating systems. There is a Personal Edition version of Visual COBOL which is free and is used for education purposes.


    If you are not seeing any errors and no .exe is being generated then you might try compiling from the command line using the cbllink command as this may provide a more robust error message for you.