Java Calling Simple Cobol in Net Express 5.1

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 24 April 2011]

Hi ,

Can any one provide a simple example for using cobol and java.

I am working on AIX 6.1 using IBM JDK1.4. We have Microfocus net express 5.1 installed on AIX. I want to try calling a Simple Cobol shared program from Java. A hello world example would help me.

Any help in this regards is much appreciated.


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    I believe that you are running Server Express 5.1 and the Java support for this product should be in the product documentation.

    The Java support in Server Express is the same that you will find in Visual COBOL Eclipse native support, (not JVM version).

    Check out the documentation for this on-line at the following link:

    Calling COBOL from Java in Visual COBOL Unix