Net Express 5.1 Personal Edition

I have been running 5.1PE on windows XP since 2009 and now want to switch to Windows 7 for obvious reasons. 5.1 will not install on Windows 7. Is it possible to keep the compiler on the XP machine and run the application on the Windows 7 PC. As there is no license with 5.1 PE, I am not sure whether this will be possible. The other possibility would be to be able to install on Windows 7 and clean up the XP  machine. The problem is that it is not possible to upgrade from XP to 7.

  • The Personal Edition products are for educational use only and you should not be running any application that is developed using this product in a production environment. This goes against our EULA. If you have developed an application back in 2009 that you are running on your system then you need to purchase a licensed copy of Net Express.

    The license copy of Net Express 5.1 is based on the latest product wrappacks and it will install under newer operating systems like Windows 7.

    Please contact your Micro Focus Account Manager for more information on upgrading to a current product release.


  • Hi Chris,

    The Application is for training and has programs that are called to handle various functions, screen handling, file handling and printing. I also have copy libraries. The purpose is to teach them how to use call, copy and other essential requirements for writing COBOL programs. None of these programs can be used on there own. I am retired and train people to use COBOL.

    They can continue to train on XP if it is not possible to install on Windows 7 or run the compiled programs on a Windows 7 PC. If it is not possible to run on Windows 7, I will remove the PC from the Network and use it as a stand alone PC.

    No production programs are written with this compiler.

  • Although the Net Express 5.1 PE development product does not require a license, a license would be required in order to run compiled applications on a computer on which Net Express was not installed.

    I would recommend that you look at using the Visual COBOL PE product for your needs as a replacement for the Net Express PE product as it fully supports the newer operating systems.