Update from win11 21h2 to win11 22h2

After updating my windows 11 21H2 to 22H2 over the microsoft channel, netexpress 5.1 has no license after rebooting.

Do Microfocus have a solution for this?

What can we do before and after?

Thanks for help!

  • @chris.glazier: don't say us, there is no support for this os

    We don't need support, this is a license problem... Why do a licence go away by installing a microsoft update? This can not be correct...

    we need assistance, no support!

  • This is a case for support.

    The problem is only caused by big Microsoft updates since a while (NOT specific to Windows 11).
    Microsoft names them update, but sometimes their Windows updates are so fat, that it is nearly like a new installation.

    I have made this experience with some big Windows 10 updates since 2018, e.g. "Fall creators update" and 20H2.
    Windows 10 21H2 did not cause the problem, because it was a small update.

    Just contact Micro Focus Supportline, describe the problem and they will help you to renew your license.

    Best regards

  • The same is when you use thes products from Wise, Disk Cleaner and Registry Cleaner.

    After this, you license is corrupt!

    Please MF, give us a license free netexpress 5.x, there is no support, no maintenance, no future! Thanks from old cobol-liker

  • Suggested Answer

    Hello Greiner,

    If you have lost your license, you need to open a case with Micro Focus Customer Support to obtain a new one and, for this, you require to have a valid maintenance contract.

    When Micro Focus states that certain platforms are not certified, this means, between other things, that those platforms have not been tested and we cannot guarantee that the product will work fully and correctly. If you still decide to install the product on an unsupported platform, you are doing this at your own risk.

    The recommended product for newer platforms, as you know, is Visual COBOL.

    Net Express is not certified on Windows 10 or versions thereafter. This is in part due to limitations of the underlying build tools and Microsoft C-runtime environment with which the product was originally developed. Updating the build tools would require wholesale changes to Net Express and the COBOL runtime system which would introduce breaking changes to COBOL applications. As such, Net Express will remain at this level of Microsoft tooling and customers requiring support for more recent versions of Windows should be considering Visual COBOL for these purposes.