I have server which is built using orbacus library.The server runs on the port 30015.

It has been in use since 6-7 years but recently it started showing problem.after a restarted suddenly server fails  to initialize itself.After analysis I found BOA_init method is failing COMM_FAILURE:WSAEADDRINUSE.

I ran netstat 

 netstat -aon | findstr 30015


When I search this process in task manager, there is no such process.

When I try to kill the process using following command

taskkill /PID 6740

Output:It say no process exists

I downloaded a utility called currports to see the status of the port.It is showing 30015 is occupied by a process called "System".There is not binary attached with the process.30015 Port status is listening 

My question what causes the port to go in such state.How to release this port so that server can restart.


  • Hi,

    your netstat output shows that a process with PID 6740 is listening on port 30015, and this the reason why your Orbacus process is not able to acquire this port for listening.

    You could try using the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line interface to try to find out details about the process with PID 6740, e.g:

    wmic process where "ProcessID='22888'" get Name, Caption, ExecutablePath, Priority, ProcessID

    You will have to stop this process in order to be able to start your Orbacus server listening on this port.

    Should you need further assistance, please open a support incident with Micro Focus SupportLine:

    Hope this helps,