Does Orbacus 4.3 support load balancing?

Summary This article provides details on how to use load balancing in Orbacus
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Question/Problem Description Does Orbacus 4.3 support load balancing?
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Resolution In Orbacus load balancing of client connections across a group of replicated objects is provided through the Orbacus Balancer. The load balancing service provided by Orbacus Balancer is transparent and interoperable with any CORBA client. However, the interface between the servers and the service is strictly proprietary.

Orbacus Balancer provides different load balancing strategies for each load balanced group withing the service. The strategy determines which member will be used  to service the next client connection.

Orbacus Balancer is currently only implemented using Orbacus for C , but Orbacus for Java servers can also be load balanced.

It can be used as a standalone service or as a Windows native service.

Administration of Orbacus Balancer is provided through the lbadmin utility.

For a detailed explanation of the concepts of Orbacus Balancer, the strategies it supports, a programming example and how to use and administer Orbacus Balancer, please see:
Orbacus Guide, Chapter "Orbacus Balancer".

The Orbacus 4.3 installation also contains a demo for Orbacus Balancer, available in the balancer directory.
Created date: 09 December 2011
Last Modified: 13 February 2013
Last Published: 12 May 2012
First Published date: 09 December 2011
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