Check naming service status


I am not so familiar with orbix, I will appreciate any help with several simple questions:

1. I would like to know which command to use for getting current orbix naming service status (running/stopped).

2. How to stop,start and restart naming service

3. Where/How can find all names (not by their IOR) of registered objects

Thanks for any help!


  • Hi,

    It depends on the version of Orbix you are using (Orbix 3 or Orbix 6).

    Please see the following documentation:

    For Orbix 3.3:

    "OrbixNames Programmer's and Administrator's Guide" available at

    and selecting

       Product family: CORBA Middleware

       Product: Orbix 3

       Release: 3.3 SP12

    For Orbix 6.3:

    Chapter "Managing the Naming Service" in the " Orbix Administrator’s Guide" available at:

    by selecting

       Product family: CORBA Middleware

       Product: Orbix 6

       Release: 6.3.7

    Hope this helps,


  • Thank you, it very helpful.

    However, I have some problem with running itadmin commands although it seems that all services were started, I get those errors:

    (IT_CFR_ConfigPlugIn:1) E - could not write to

    IT_CFR_ConfigPlugIn:1) F - Error reading the ConfigRepository's IOR

    (IT_CORE:8) F - could not load handler for domain itconfig://IOR:

    , because - Invalid reference to the Config Repository.

    RB_init() failed: minor = 0x49540101 (IT_Core:NO_DOMAIN_HANDLER), completion status = NO

    Is someone familiar with this problem? What can I do?

  • HI,

    Please ensure you sourced your Orbix domain environment script prior to executing the itadmin commands.

    If you still have issues I strongly recommend to open a support incident at

    and provide all necessary details such as exact Orbix version in use, OS/platform, and attach complete detailed logs to the support incident.

    You will also be able to get assistance from an engineer through a WebEx session where you can share your desktop in order to investigate the issue.

    This is the fastest way to ensure any issues you encounter are being solved.



  • Seems Orbix domain environmen OK,

    Thanks anyway!