Reflection IBM v16 vs v17 backward compatibility

The current version in use is RIBM v16.


We have custom session files (eg 3270.rd3x, 3270.rd5x), templates (3270.themex) and *.xkb and application.settings.


We want to upgrade from v16 to v17.

First test show that v17 opens and uses the custom files. No errors.


Main question is if v17 can use the created v16 files as -is.

Do we need to upgrade those files to be used in v17?

As we distribute the custom files automatically in our application it is important to know if we can use the v16 files without trouble. If not, we have to distribute both v16 and v17 custom files with the application.

The upgrade from v16 to v17 will not be a big bang for our users. Some will get the new v17 installed where others will follow later. So it means we have both v16 and v17 in the field.

To let the application be usable for v16 users and for v17 users, having just one set of custom files which can be used in v16 and v17 would make distribution much easier.

So could anyone comment on this?

Is it needed to convert the v16 files to v17 and distribute them along with the v16 ones or is reuse a valid option?

  • Hi drabelink,

    Reflection Desktop 17 has compatibility for sessions, themes, keyboards, and application.settings files from v16.  There should not be an issue with these v16 files being consumed by v17. 

    Do note that the versions are not "back and forward interchangeable."  So if you were to create something custom in v17 that accesses a feature that is newer (or formatted differently) than v16, it might not work as expected on v16.

    If you have any specific issues that you need help with please contact our Support Team 800-688-3270.


    Jeff B