Opening Reflection is too slow

We need help in identifying what is wrong with our installation of Reflection.

To open a session can take 15s to log in or to open a new session. If we connect to the same folder on the UNIX box using PuTTY, it takes only a few seconds.

Making the connects a few times a day becomes tedious. But we cannot figure out what is wrong.

Attachmate Reflection Pro 2014 (x64)

Version R1 (15.6.636.0)

Any ideas gratefully received.

  • Hi Nik Clutterbuck,

    You are using a pretty old version of the software the went out of support in 2016.  If you are a currently maintained customer, you can test this connection with the latest version of the software Reflection Desktop Pro 17.0.  Additionally, you might find it helpful to have a call with our Customer Support team at +353.65.68.99940


    Jeff B