Attachmate.Reflection.Framework dll is missing in Reflection desktop V16

Hi Team,

It's a urgent issue. Could you please response ASAP.  It would be helpful if any one share their thoughts

We have installed Reflection Desktop V16.0.399 B01. We are trying to develop .Net program to automate emulator ( Invoking emulator & entering some data).

To develop the .Net program, I have read the API documentation and some posts well which they are saying below missing dll's are required.

Could you pls share some some codes, How to develop by using Have One dll's and let me know why these missing dll's not found when got installed.

1. Attachmate.Reflection
2. Attachmate.Reflection.Framework
3. Attachmate.Reflection.Emulation.IbmHosts
4. Attachmate.Reflection.Emulation.OpenSystems

Have One
1. Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.Framework.dll
2. Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.dll
3. Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.Emulation.IbmHosts.dll
4. Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.Emulation.OpenSystems.dll

  • Suggested Answer

    Mahendran Chinnaiah,

    In a healthy installation of Reflection Desktop these libraries exist in the Program Files(x86)\Micro Focus\Reflection\Programmer Interfaces directory.  If this is not the case for your installation and this is an urgent issue, you should contact Micro Focus Support Directly using one of these contact methods.  Let me know if this resolves the issue for you.


    Jeff B.