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Robust way to edit INX files?


My team have been using a program which allows use to convert INX (indexed or sequential data files) into ASCII, edit rows individually (w/ hex editor), and then convert the modified file back into INX. This process is not the best way of making a change as it requires all users to be off the system, because we need to ensure that the original INX file doesn't change.

On my team, I am not the COBOL developer, so I may have some terminology off.

We were wondering if RM/Relativity is the best way to make changes to an INX file in-place, or if there is a utility that comes with RM/COBOL that you can run from the linux command-line to edit specific INX files.

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    Relativity can be used for creating writable/insertable tables.  There are some constraints (due to the fact that the underlying data store is non-relational).  

    From my reading of your question, I would suggest that you evaluate Relativity (for RM files).  Please be aware that your COBOL code is enforcing business rules on the data it places in the indexed files of your application.  Tools that modify the underlying data are a total bypass of such business rules and should be used with extreme care.

    I am not aware of any other tools that might be useful in this situation.

  • Hi Tom -

    Thank you for your timely response! We will review Relativity for modifying tables.