I have a user that is receiving a COBOL error code 93, 02 whenever she attempts to review an EOB.

We are using version 12.17.  Is there anything concerning the COBOL error codes in any of the documentation?

  • Suggested Answer

    It looks like two users are trying to access the same file, which is open in a way that only allows one user to access the file at a time.

    In Appendix A of the RM/COBOL User's guide, page 404 in my copy:

    93, 02 An operation was rejected because file lock conflicts with another user.

    An OPEN WITH LOCK operation was attempted on a file that is already open, or an OPEN without lock was attempted and the file is already open WITH LOCK.
    A DELETE FILE operation was attempted on a file that is currently open.

    This message may occur in cases with Btrieve files when it would not occur with RM/COBOL indexed files, because the Btrieve MicroKernel Database Engine (MKDE) always opens its files WITH LOCK. For more information, see error messages 39, 01 and 94, 01.

    For Btrieve files, this error code may also indicate either of the following conditions:

    • Another computer has a transaction in progress on this file.

    • Or, an attempt was made to open a file that another computer had opened already with a conflicting Btrieve Adapter program mode option. For more information about the mode option, see M (Mode) Option (on page 129). For example, if the first computer opens a file with a value of A (accelerated) for the mode option, then the accelerated mode option must be specified by all other computers that subsequently open the file. Conversely, if the first computer opens a file and does not specify the accelerated mode option, then no other computers that subsequently open the file can specify the accelerated mode option either. These restrictions remain in effect until all computers have closed the file.