Log out of computer does cobol session end?

On Windows 2019 in a domain environment, the user logs out of their computer session does the cobol session end with all files closing out?  On RM/cobol version 12.17.  

More info - the user Remote Desktops into the 2019 server, logs into the server using their AD login creds.  then, while the cobol session is up, logs out of the computer, but does not end the cobol application.

thanks, Jim

  • Suggested Answer

    Logging out of a Windows machine (server or client) terminates the Windows "session".  Any processes (programs) created/launched by the logged-in user have the Windows session as the parent, and when the Windows session ends, the processes/programs end.  Ending the session is effectively like clicking the close box on the program window.  Note, however, that if the program displays a modal dialog, like "do you really want to quit" when this happens, it's possible for that to block logging off.

    If the launched program is not "owned" by the logged-in user, it can keep running even after the user logs out.  You'd have to go through some trouble to set things up in this way.

    If you are seeing different behavior, like the RM/COBOL program blocking the user's ability to log out, that should be reported as a defect so we can investigate it properly.  If the user does successfully log out, it's simply not possible that the program is still running.

    Xcentrisity Business Information Server for RM/COBOL is a server and behaves differently but you're presumably not asking about that.

    Is it possible that your user is simply closing the remote desktop window instead of actually logging off?  In this case, the session does not end because it's possible for the user to reconnect and continue the session.  There are security policy settings that can end the session and force a logoff when the user disconnects, or the length of time after disconnection before a forced logoff can also be configured.

    Again, if the user logs off, any RM/COBOL processes owned by that user will terminate just like you closed the main program window.

  • thank you for the reply.  This answers my question.  Much obliged.