Error executing RM/COBOL code: 80040154

I am executing the RM/COBOL but it is presenting me with a problem in the execution:

 I can send you the images by mail, but it is related to the following message: Cannot start the RM/COBOL runtime. A Windows COM error occurred: Class not registered (the code is 80040154). To resolve this problem reinstall the RM/COBOL runtime, or register the RM/COBOL runtime with the RUNCOBOL /REGSERVER command.

Then a window appears displaying this message

Server "rmcbl12r.dll automatic registration failed: The specified module could not be found.

Someone from the community is aware of this error since I am not new to the community.

Thank you.


  • What version of RM/COBOL are you using, and what version of Windows?  Is this 32-bit or 64-bit RM/COBOL?

    Did it previously work and then stop working? 

    Or is this a fresh installation -- and if so, was it installed directly or from the network? 

    If not a fresh system, something happened to the installation. Try running the following commands as an administrator:

    32-bit: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\RM\RMCOBOLv12\runcobol.exe" /REGSERVER
    64-bit: "C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\RM\RMCOBOLv12-64\runcobol.exe" /REGSERVER

    Or, re-install.

    If it's on the network, please make sure the network share hosting the runtime is accessible.

    The rmcbl12r.dll component is always located in one of the following two locations, depending on whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit RM/COBOL system:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Micro Focus Shared\RM\rmcbl12r.dll
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Micro Focus Shared\RM\rmcbl12r.dll

    (Actually in %CommonProgramFiles(x86)% or %CommonProgramFiles% if this is not a EN system.)

    If I'm guessing rmcbl12r.dll is present (can't imagine why it might be missing) but it can't load because something else it depends on is missing.

    Finally, please check your anti-virus logs to make sure some rules update isn't blocking a component. It's unlikely but it has happened.

  • Hello Uwe Baemayr

    Thanks for replying.

    Tech Support changed the person's computer and created direct access from the server to the new computer.

    The new computer has the mapped drive. It is 64-bit and has windows 10.

    The old computer also has the same features.

    No changes were made to the server, only the users' computers were changed.

    I have to execute this command from the server or from the computer:
    64-bit: "C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\RM\RMCOBOLv12-64\runcobol.exe" /REGSERVER

    This command does not affect any information stored in the software.

    Thank you

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Enzo:

    It's not clear to me whether you have solved the problem.  Did the command work?

    Normally, if you get a new computer, you have to re-install all of the software on the computer to ensure the correct infromation is entered into the registry.  If a backup of another computer was restored to a new computer, the registry should also have been restored and it should just work.

    However, if the software was just copied to the new computer, it needs to be "installed" and registered with Windows. 

    The /REGSERVER command handles that registration. It does not affect any data -- only the operation of the RM/COBOL software itself.

    If you have any custom RM/COBOL configuration for your application, that is also stored in the registry and needs to be re-established.

    However: you could also go to "Add or Remove Programs", choose the "Micro Focus v12.xx Runtime (64-bit)", choose "Modify" and then "Repair".  That will also re-register the components with Windows.

    Hope this resolves your issue.

  • Hello

    Is there a way to call you I'm in USA New Jersey to see if you can help me with this problem?


  • I haven't been able to fix the problem, but we already got the software to install it on the computers.
    The other thing that is not clear to me is what option I should take when I install the software: local installation, customer installation, or network installation.

    Is it possible for a technician to call you to help us with the installation?

  • Hi Enzo:

    Please raise a support ticket.  If you haven't previously installed the software (and based on your questions, I suspect it's new to you), you'll probably need a fair amount of guidance because the requirements can quickly snowball.  Do you have a vendor for the application you're running? They would determine what kind of installation you need. You'll also need to install a license. Regardless, this is not something we can handle in a Q&A forum -- please raise a ticket.

  • Enzo,

    For information in regards to how to install RM/COBOL, please see "Chapter 3: Installation and System Considerations for Microsoft Windows" of the RM/COBOL User's Guide:

    And, for more information in regards to the Windows Network Installation process, please see the following Knowledge Base article:

    Also, as Uwe stated, Micro Focus SupportLine can assist you with product installation issues, and, below is a link to the Contact information for SupportLine:


    Steve Jolivet
    Senior SupportLine Representative, North American Support