How do I handle invalid numeric data in my Relativity tables? (Version 12.16 & newer)



COBOL allows invalid numeric data to be stored in a numeric field.  However, since ODBC does not, invalid numeric data will cause an error to be returned when that data is encountered in a column.


In order to resolve the issue of invalid numeric data, you can configure Relativity to return NULLs for any encountered invalid numeric data.  This may be accomplished in the new Relativity Designer via the following steps.

1) Select and Connect to the DSN for the table you wish to modify.

2) On the Tools menu, click Options.

3) In the Options pane, click on the Catalog tab.

4) On the Invalid Numerics Return NULL row, click on the down arrow to display the choices.

5) Yes, Except for Record Key Data Items is mostly commonly chosen.  Please see the documentation link below for an explanation of the choices:

6) After the selection is made, the Nullable Column Utility is displayed. Check all the columns that you wish to have the selection applied to and click Apply

For a more information on this topic, please see the Relativity Designer online documentation at the link below:

**As a note; if you are encountering invalid numeric issues, it could be due to the presence of multiple record types in your COBOL file definitions. If that is the case, please see the following Knowledge Base article for information on that subject: How do you handle multiple record type definitions in the Relativity Designer?


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