Created On:  27 April 2012


InstantSQL is included with the RM/COBOL Development System v12 , and, it provides ODBC access for your RM/COBOL application.  However, we do not provide a "How-To" guide for this product.


Attached to this Knowledge Base article are an InstantSQL sample program(isqlexample.cbl), and, the InstantSQL help files(

To use the InstantSQL help files, you will need to extract the attached archive,, and, then, open the extracted HTML page, index.htm.

The copy books necessary to compile the InstantSQL example program are located in the "InstantSQL" directory of your RM/COBOL installation.  You will need to add this location to your RMPATH environment variable in order to compile the program.
To execute this sample program, you will need to load the InstantSQL Runtime library (lisql.dll or located in the "InstantSQL" directory of your RM/COBOL installation.

For example: 
runcobol isqlexample l="C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\RM\RMCOBOLv12\InstantSQL\lisql.dll"


runcobol isqlexample l=/usr/rmcobol/InstantSQL/