Why is the RM license not automatically activated?



As application servers periodically need to be rebuilt, it is required that the RM product needs to be re-installed on a clean server using the existing license. Why does the license not automatically activate itself during the installation process?


The original licenses which may have been issued over six months ago can still be used, but need to be activated. Most licenses are setup to be automatically updated. This will occur once a connection has been established to the Micro Focus (MF) license server. The license will be updated so it becomes current.

There are normally four reasons why this cannot happen.

  1. The machine that the install is being performed on, is not connected to the internet. This means that a connection cannot be made to the MF License server, so it cannot be automatically updated.
  2. RM will use port 80, the normal Web server port to connect to the MF license server. If this port is blocked by a firewall, then the automatic license update cannot take place.
  3. The license is not configured to automatically update. This is rare as the default is to automatically update.
  4. The license is an evaluation license, so needs to be manually activated.

For more information about the activation process please refer to the following wiki’s.

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