Using RM/Cobol files with Relativity that contain comp-6 data items



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RM/Cobol supports a number of data types and one of them is the comp-6 binary numeric data type. Does the user need to do anything special in Relativity if the file definitions use this data type?


RM/COBOL supports the standard Packed Decimal Cobol data type of COMP-3. It also supports an extended Packed Decimal data type COMP-6. To be able to correctly map a file that contains COMP-6 fields, there are two Cobol Data Types options that need to be set before the file is imported into the catalog.

Setting the Cobol Data Types Options in the Catalog

here are two Cobol Data Type options that need to be set. They are:

  • Include RM/COBOL data types
  • Computational No Sign data types

Points to note:

  1. The options need to be set before the Cobol File definitions are imported into the catalog.
  2. If the options are not set and the file is mapped to a table, errors can occur when selecting the columns from the table.
  3. Changing the data options after the table has been mapped will not stop the error, the file and table will need to be deleted from the catalog. The file then needs to be re-imported and mapped to the table again.



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