upgrade from 9.5 to rumba version 10

My development team has been using Rumba 9.5, in particular the AxInterop.ObjectXAS400Display (as well as XMF and HP display), and wanted to know where I can find information on upgrading, especially if I will need to make code changes due to API changes, etc.




  • Hello Larry,

    Are you current on Rumba support? If so, you should be able to download the latest Rumba version by Logging in to the new Micro Focus portal at https://portal.microfocus.com. For help with the portal, see https://support.microfocus.com/help.  Which includes links to Logging in to the new support portal, how to Create an Account, and user Training videos on YouTube.

  • Yes - we do have support, and our IT has downloaded 10.1 and is waiting for my go-ahead to install it. But I wanted to know beforehand what kind of development effort might be involved in the upgrade?

    In addition, after the upgrade itself, we plan to move our VS2019 solution to create a 64-bit version of our SW; for this too I wanted to know how to change Rumba/ensure that I am using the 64-bit version?

  • I won't be able to answer these questions without understanding your homegrown application. Could you please open a support issue? You can use the Micro Focus portal at https://portal.microfocus.com to create and manage your support issues.

  • I am in the process of getting our Admin to add my email to be able to open a support ticket. 

    In the meantime I have run into a very specific problem with a small test program.  In order to mimic our software's use of Rumba.  I created a VB .NET Framework (4.7.2)  Console App, added in a Winform, and dragged the ObjectX Mainframe Display Control into the form.  (I had added that control from "Choose Toolbox Items" COM components; it was available on the computer that I amusing which has v10.1 installed).  

    In the Form VB code I have (beside stdrd auto-generated  code):

    Public WithEvents HostDisplay As AxObjectXMFDisplay.AxObjectXMFDisplay

    Private Sub InitializeComponent()

    Me.HostDisplay = New AxObjectXMFDisplay.AxObjectXMFDisplay()

    Me.HostDisplay.Enabled = True
    Me.HostDisplay.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(24, 12)
    Me.HostDisplay.Name = "HostDisplay"
    Me.HostDisplay.OcxState = CType(resources.GetObject("HostDisplay.OcxState"), System.Windows.Forms.AxHost.State)
    Me.HostDisplay.Size = New System.Drawing.Size(660, 392)
    Me.HostDisplay.TabIndex = 0
    Me.Name = "Form1"
    Me.Text = "Form1"
    CType(Me.HostDisplay, System.ComponentModel.ISupportInitialize).EndInit()
    End Sub

    In the main I have:

    frmHostInterface = New Form1
    Dim returnVal As Integer

    With frmHostInterface.HostDisplay.HostInterface
    .Name = "WallData.TN3270Link"
    .Interface.InsertName(Name:="", RetCode:=returnVal)
    If 11003 <> 23 Then
    .Interface.TelnetPort = 12345
    End If
    If "#2158CTP" <> "" Then .Interface.DeviceName = "#2158CTP"
    .Interface.Response = True
    .AutoConnect = "1"
    End With

    While True
    ' sleep 15 seconds
    End While

    My solution is set as Any CPU

    When I build & run with the (default) "32-bit preferred" it works fine.  However, if I uncheck "32-but preferred" - I then get "Class not registered error." on the created of the form object.

    Any help would be appreciated, as we are trying to move our software to run 64-bit, and Rumba is current'y the last item on our To Do list.  Is there some other 64-bit activeX somewhere that I need to replace the current one(s) with?  

    Note: I also need the AS400 and HP controls, in addition to the MF one.

    Thanks in advance!


  • This is only supported in the new Rumba 10.1 64 bit addon. Micro Focus has enhanced Rumba Desktop 10.1 with a 64bit Addon that includes 64bit HLLAPI .dlls and a RumbaFramer OCX. RUMBA Framer is a proxy OCX that functions as a middle tier between your RDE application and the underlying RDE Legacy interfaces. RUMBA Framer running in the 32\64 bit application provides access to the Display\Printer ocx running in a separate 32-bit application. This addon will be available for customers current on Rumba support.

  • Suggested Answer

    AxObjectXMFDisplay.AxObjectXMFDisplay can't be used directly by 64bit as it is only 32bit.

    To be able to run Rumba OCX inside 64 bit application you have to use RumbaFramer(coming with Rumba 10.1 64Bit Support addOn)
    You need to replace you AxObjectXMFDisplay with 
    AxRUMBAFramer and call framer method to create your desire emulation type(Mainframe/AS400 Unix etc)
    Once you call this method for example:


    you can get the actual emulator object 

            emul = AxFramerControl1.RDEObjects.Emulation.Object

    from that point you can continue as simple as you worked before