Rumba 8.2 Display issue with Win 10 Enterprise (1709) upgrade

I've used Rumba Mainframe at our company for many years with no issue, even following a transition to a new laptop having Windows 10 Enterprise operating system.  However, following a very recent automated pushed update to Windows, Rumba has suddenly become pretty much unusable.  The Rumba window displays massive fonts and only one-fourth of the entire screen is visible - it's as though looking through a magnifying glass at one small portion of what should be the entire window. The current Rumba version is 8.2.0 sp0 patch0. This happens on my Dell Lattitude laptop monitor, and also when plugged into HP s2031 Monitor (both/either set to 100% 1600 x 900). Rumba session is currently configured to TN3270 with Model 2  24 x 80, but have tried various different model options and none have solved the issue.  Have tried many differing combinations of the 'fixed aspect ratio' and 'fit to window' boxes under Options>Dispaly>Font tab, as well as trying to change the font sizes here. Have also tried many conbinations of monitor resolution settings on both monitors.  Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thanks! :)