Embed Rumba+ 10.1 Window in Excel 365 64-Bit for VBA Macros


My organization just upgraded my computer from Office 2016 32-Bit to Office 365 64-Bit. 

I have a lot of Macro Enabled Excel Workbooks that have a Rumba embedded Emulator window in them with various VBA macros that scrape the screen, enter data, etc. 

After making the transition to Office 365, these emulator windows no longer connect. How can I embed a new emulator window in Excel 365? I cannot figure it out for the life of me. 

We have way too many macros that depend on scraping an emulator window to go any other route.  I remember this being quite simple in Excel 32-Bit but I no longer see the options to drop a window on the sheet. 

I apologize for not being very technical, this is all above my pay grade! But I really need to figure this out.

Thank you.