Whether Rumba 9.5 Menu bar can be removed and make the windows to full screen

I want to remove the Menubar and tool Bar from the Microfous rumba 9.5 window.

I couldn't make it to full screen. I tried using the MainWindowState option on the rumba.config file still the option not altered. 

Anyone find the way to remove the Menu bar and Tool bar from the Rumba and Full screen option. 

  • Suggested Answer

    under View - Toolbars -> uncheck the Toolbars you want to hide.
    Under Options - Rumba Options --> Disable "enable new tabs"
    If you need to remove the Status bar to get the maximum display area then disable  the status bar under View --> statusbar.

    The menu bar cannot be removed with on-board tools. If you just need the Display then you can embed the Display Object in your own Application.

    hope it helps


  • Hi Andee,

    Thanks for the response.

    I was trying to deploy the settings through rumba.config file. I can see the option ISToolboxenabled set to false, still the toolbar is enabled.

    Any other widow state option to set as full screen for viewing in full screen.

  • Verified Answer

    the IsToolboxenabled is not the correct parameter.
    The Toolbar information's are saved the Session Profile. Set the options as previously described and save your Session Profile. (For a 3270 Connection in the *.rsdm file)
    If you now open the rsdm file with an text editor you should see


    In Rumba 10.1 SP1 we have added Session Profile Templates functionality.
    It provides the ability to create a session of any type from preconfigured default profile.
    This could be helpful if you don't can or want  deploy the Session profile (*.rsdm) to your user base.

    With the new template approach your default settings will be picked up any time a user open a new session.



  • Hi Andree, The option to disable the by editing the session by<IsStandardToolbar>False</IsStandardToolbar> worked for me.

    Please can you provide me any option to disable the Menu Bar in Rumba 9.5 or any option to reduce the size the menu bar. We need to disable the Menu bar. 

    It would be helpful 

  • Verified Answer

    as explained in my previous suggest answer I'm not aware of a supported way to remove the Menu bar in RUMBA.
    You can disable commands in the menu bar.
    To enable and disable commands on menus:
    Right-click the appropriate toolbar and select Customize from the pop-up menu.
    In the Customize window, click the Commands tab.
    Click Command Availability.
    On the Command Availability page, select the category under which the command to enable or disable is located (these broadly correspond to the Rumba+ menus).
    To enable a command, check the command. To disable a command, uncheck the command.
    When you have finished, click OK.
    In the Customize window, click Close.

    If you need to completely remove the menu bar then you should create your own "RUMBA" application.
    Just embed the "RUMBA DISPLAY" in your own application see below.

  • Hi Andree, Thanks for the response. We need to disable all the commands under the Menu bar.

    I have found the settings are reflecting from Default.mnc file. Have you came across editing this file.