ObjectX Mainframe Display control missing in Excel 365 64 bit


I am using Rumba+Desktop 10.1  on windows 64 bit pc with Excel 365 64 bit. I am trying to add a Mainframe emulator using Insert on "Developer" tab on Excel but the control "ObjectX Mainframe Display control" is not available(which is available in Excel 32 bit) so I also manually registered .ocx control and went back to register it but it gave an error "The specified file does not contain self registering Activex Control". Is there a substitute control I need to be referring too or is there a 64 bit version of Rumba +Desktop 10.1? Please assist.

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    Hi Samantha,
    you need Service Pack 1 for Rumba+Desktop 10.1. Please login to our support portal  (https://portal.microfocus.com/) or contact the Micro Focus support to obtain the Service Pack 1. 
    SP1 comes with a Rumba+ 64-Bit Add-On.
    The Rumba+ 64-Bit Add-On is proxy OCX that functions as a middle tier between your application
    and the underlying RDE legacy interfaces you are already familiar with.
    RUMBA Framer runs in a 32\64-bit application and provides access to the Display\Printer OCX running in separate 32-bit application.



  • Thanks Andree. If I get the Service pack 1, Would I still need to re-write the code behind of Macro to work in 64-bit Excel or  will it automatically work?

  • And also is 64 bit Add on and VBA Add on different?. If they are, which one would be better to use for migration of Excel Macro's with embedded TN3270 Emulator to Excel 365 64 bit?. 

  • And also is 64 bit Add on and VBA Add on different?. If they are, which one would be better to use for migration of Excel Macro's with embedded TN3270 Emulator to Excel 365 64 bit?. 

  • Hi,
    you would need to add the FramerControl to the Code. The rest should work without rewrite.
    To add the 64-bit RDE VBA code to the Excel worksheet.

    1. Select Developer tab > Controls group > View Code.
    2. Copy and paste the next code block into your Excel VBA editor, then modify 32-bit VBA application in
    following way:

    Dim WithEvents Framer As RUMBAFramer.FramerControl
    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Set Framer = Sheet1.OLEObjects("FramerControl1").Object
    Framer.CreateRumbaObj RUMBAMFDisplay
    Set emul = Framer.RDEObjects.Emulation.Object
    emul.HostInterface.Name = "WallData.TN3270Link"
    emul.HostInterface.Interface.InsertName2 "csimvs"
    emul.HostInterface.Interface.TelnetPort = 23
    Saved = True
    End Sub

    Hope it helps


  • Hi,
    the 64bit Addon comes with the Servicepack to enhance Rumba and help customer that start using 64-bit Office Applications and require to communicate with RUMBA. 
    You already have an application with the RUMBA OCX, the 64-bit will help to solve your problem without the need to rewrite.

    Historically you could communicate from a third party application like Excel with RUMBA only if you embed the display control or use the standard ehllapi Interface.

    1. Embed the RUMBA ActiveX Control in your third party application.
    With the downside to not beeing able to communicate with an already opened RUMBA Session.

    2. The EHLLAPi API was another to communicate with an Rumba Session.

    The VBA Addon it a new and easier way to work with Rumba without the need to embed the OCX. The VBA Addon control.provides the VB Editor known from the Micro Office Applications and it provided Additional Objects to interact with.
    VBA is a chargeable add-on package for RUMBA.



  • Thank you. I mentioned this to my Manager and we are trying to get SP1. Will keep you posted.

  • Is there any documentation as to how to use the 64 bit Add-on, I am trying to look it up online but not finding any. Please if you have any link or documentation, kindly share.

  • Hi,

    SP1 should be rumba_HF_SP24069.msp.
    In the same directory you should see a file called RumbaAddon64.exe
    You will need to install the RumbaAddon64.exe to work with 64bit Excel.
    The Addon comes with step by step instruction (Micro Focus Rumba+ 64-Bit Add-On.pdf)

    best regards

  • Hi Andree - Thanks for suggesting 64 bit Add On, its been working wonderfully. However there is a situation with one of the Macros. I have used the the framer connection code in Workbook Open event, so RUMBA Framer gets connected when the file is opened. And the connection variable - "emul" is a made global with Variant as its type. 

    The issue is when user stops the Macro with "End" the global variable is lost and gives an error "Object required" while trying to perform anything after the "End" button.

    Is there a way I could still retain "emul" after the process Ends?.  Or if there is a workaround for End without actually ending the object?.

    Please provide guidance. Below is a code sample.

    //Module Code//

    Option Explicit
    Public emul  as Variant

    //Sheet1 Code//

    sub workbook_open()

    'The same code as above shared by you for connection

    End sub

    Sub End()


    End Sub

    Sub GetInfo()

    'get data from emulator to excel

    End Sub

    // The process is user opens the file-> does some actions-->stops it (for some reason)--> Retries to perform other actions gets " Object Required Error". (I am thinking the emul object needs re-initialization?) 

    And another issue is that while Framer is running - people cannot seem to switch between Excel tabs. But they used to in Excel 32 bit.