rumba 10.1 SP1 - no option to create New VBA macro

Anyone seen or have any information on how or what could cause the option to create a new VBA macro to not be available in Rumba 10.1 SP1?  Under Tools - New MAcro - i can see EML and RMC options.  there is no option for VBA.  Also when i add the VBA Ediotr buttion to my toolbar, it is grayed out.  it is like Rumba cannot open or see the VBA editor to create a macro.

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    Hi Robert,

    In Rumba+ Desktop you have 2 possibilities to create VBA macros.

    1. The Rumba Script Engine (ScriptEngine.msi)
    The Rumba Script Engine is a separate application provided alongside Rumba+ to create and modify VBA Rumba+ scripts.

    2. VBA Macro Add-On - (VBAddon.exe)
    The VBA Add-On provides the ability to write more complex and powerful automation. The VBA Add-On uses standard VBA functionality, IDE and allows you to run, record, and edit macros from and to a
    common Macro Module shared between all sessions.
    The VBA Add-On does not come with the rumba license.

    If you need the VBA Add-on please contact your Micro Focus Sales Representative or Support.

    best regards


  • to clarify, we have purchased the VBA addon and it is installed on the machines, but the option to use it is not available.

  • I assume something changed the  Microsoft Visual Basic Design Runtime dll. (VBE7.dll).
    This runtime dll is required. Did you try to reinstall the addon or try a  repair with msiexec.exe /fa {D2D757E5-AFAD-4F7F-9873-7BE813CD43F5}.