Using a button, pass data from the screen to a website.

I would like to know how to take something from the screen, say line # 3 from positions 31-39 and pass that to a website with a button.  I created the button and directed it to go to the website; which works; but I want to pass data from the screen to it.

  • Hi Diane,
    which approach did you take to create the button? ( VBA Rumba Script Engine (*.csf) ? , the VBA Addon ? Or Plus UI modernization ?)
    What Rumba version are you using.

    With the Plus-Feature in Rumba it can be achieved without coding.

    Screen designer view:

    Result in Rumba: On Button click the standard browser will open with the configured url, the value commes from the colloector control.



  • Thank you so much for your response  .Actually I have already solved it like you stated above.  In Rumba+ screen designer,  I created a collector over the data, gave it a name, added the website with the name collector to the the button and voila, it worked. 

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