Have you checked out the Auto-complete feature in Rumba 10.1?


The Auto-complete feature is located under Options\Session Configuration.

The Auto-complete feature tries to predict what you want to type in an unprotected field on a native green screen, or in an InputField control in a Plus session.

The Auto-complete configuration allows you to enable or disable the Auto-complete feature in all green screen and Plus sessions.

You can set the Maximum List Length (maximum number of listed items) from 1-99.  The default is 5.

You can set the Maximum Number of Occurrences (this setting specifies the maximum number of times  a string is entered before it is added to the Auto-complete list) from 1-99.  The default is 2. 

If Auto-complete is enabled, you can also select Tools\AutoComplete Configuration.   This allows you to customize which fields on a screen have Auto-complete enabled. 


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  • It seems to be a great feature and I see it being very useful for people that use Rumba as and end user client.

    For any time of screen based automation it needs to be disabled but fortunately that is easy enough to do.