Visibroker - Ols Versions - Patch files

G'day All,


Is there a way to get hold of Visibroker patch files for a old version?


Information for: osagent
Product Name: BES - VisiBroker Edition: VisiBroker for C (AIX)
Version: 06.05.00.P4
Copyright: (C) 1992-2005
Company: Borland Software Corp.
Build Date: 06/26/2005 05:08:53


The client is using an App which works with this version and we have come to a point where the number of client sessions are on a higher end and that is reflecting in a bottleneck at osagent. I know for sure that there was a fix/patch to make this better but I am not sure where to download it from.


Upgrade of visibroker version is not an option as the newer version might not be compatible with the app but I am open to ideas.


Please guide.