Visibroker integration with Weblogic


I would like to know if Visibroker 5.2.1 works with Weblogic 10.3.1 .

Can we use smart agent load balancing, fault tolerance and service clustering provided by Visibroker with Weblogic ?

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    This is a very old version of VisiBroker. The current release version is 8.5 Service Pack 3. This release works with WebLogic 10. With an old version like VB 5.2 you can try using the following approach and see if you can get it working:

    Due to the age of VB 5.2.1 you may run into problems that simply can't be easily solved.

  • Hi

    Just wanted to confirm that upgrading to Visibroker 8.5 will work with Weblogic10.3.1 ? Is there any specific configuration required for the same ?

    I have tried the given solution

    with Weblogic but got stuck at Visibroker smart agent load balancing and fault tolerance feature.

    As per my understanding starting Weblogic instance should start Visibroker smart agent and name server but its not working as expected with  changes in setDomainEnv.cmd .

    I have used Weblogic 10.3.1 i.e Weblogic 11g and not BEA Weblogic Server 10 .I guess both are different correct me if I am wrong.

  • Hi Vaishnavi,

    The article referred should help to run a VisiBroker 8.5 client inside WebLogic.

    But, are you planning to start a VisiBroker server when you start WebLogic instance? Is this the reason you are talking about starting an OSAgent and Naming Service when you start a WebLogic instance? If so, starting weblogic instance will not automatically start OSAgent/NameService(presuming VisiBroker NameService). You have to add OSAgent & NameService startup scripts in your weblogic startup script to start them.

    Or if you just want to run a VisiBroker client inside WebLogic, then configure the settings as per the article referred and you may also need to set the following properties with the OSAgent machine address and OSAgent port(if it is not the default 14000) so that the client can talk to OSAgent to find the VisiBroker servers(including VisiBroker NameService):



    And, when you are mentioning about service clustering, I assume you have multiple VisiBroker servers running. If one of them is down, the client(running within WebLogic) can still reach other servers(as long as it calls bind again) through the same OSAgent where all the VisiBroker servers are registered. OSAgent also load balances the registered servers.

    If you have further queries or having any issues in setting up this, I suggest to raise a ticket if you have a valid maintenance contract with MicroFocus.