Visibroker License Registration - Direct Method


Before registering Visibroker, determine if there are any other licenses installed (see below), if there are other licenses present, follow the steps HERE to remove them.

Determine there are no other licenses installed:

  1. Open the License Management Utility
    1. cd <Install _directory>/bin
    2. lmadm  -i console
    3. View if there are any licenses installed
      1. Select option 2 – List all licences
        1. There should be no licenses on the system
  2. Select option 8 – Quit
  3. Confirm there are no registration files in the license directory (.sllip | .txt)
    1. For Windows
      1. cd  <Installation_directory>
      2. invoke the command: dir
    2. for Linux/Unix
      1. cd <installation_directory/license/
      2. invoke the command: ls

Register Visibroker:

  1. Now you can register Visibroker
    1. Before you begin check the machine’s connectivity to the license server
    2. Ping
  2. Once the connectivity is confirmed, run the License Management Utility
    1. Select zero (0) for direct registration
    2. Enter the Visibroker serial number > Enter
    3. Enter the Registration Key > Enter
    4.  If you have a Borland Developer Network (BDN) account, select Yes
    5. Enter you BDN username > Enter
    6. Enter your password > Enter
  3. The registration process will complete
    1. If successful, you will see the following message: “Registration completed successfully”
      1. Verify that your license has been successfully applied
        1. elect option 2 – List all licenses
    2. Your new license should be displayed.
  4. Quit the License Management Utility – Option 8
    1. Verify that the license file is present on the machine
      1. On Windows
        1. dir ..\license
      2. On Unix/Linux
        1. ls ../license

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