Name Service crashed when using JRockit JVM



  • Product Name: VisiBroker for Java
  • Product Version: 7.0
  • Product Component: Name Service
  • Platform/OS version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 6)
  • JDK: BEA JRockit(R) R27.6.0-50_o-100423-1.5.0_15-20080626-2104-linux-ia64

VisiBroker Naming Service crashed when processing resolve_str method call from the VisiBroker C client. The crash occurs when VisiBroker Naming Service is started using BEA JRockit JVM stated above.


The investigation result shows the JRockit JVM crashed when processing the System.arraycopy API method call. If the implementation is changed to a basic iterative copy, the crash will not occur. The issue is not reproducible with the Oracle JDK 1.5.0.

However, the BEA JRockit JVM is not certified in the VisiBroker product.

We advise all our customers to use certified/supported platforms only. The supported matrix can be found at Borland VisiBroker 7.0 Platform Release Availability


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