Migrating Cluster setup from BES 5.2.1 to 6.5



  • Product Name: BES AppServer
  • Product Version: 6.5
  • Product Component: Cluster
  • Platform/OS Version: All

There is a Cluster setup and view in BES5.2.1 Management Console, but in 6.5 there is no corresponding feature. How to migrating the existing 5.2.1 Cluster settings to 6.5?


Any version of BES supports Clustering, it does not matter if a particular version have a "Cluster" view or not in the Console. Specifically, in BES5.2.1, the "Cluster" feature is an additional feature that help user easily create and maintain the cluster, and also provide a view of cluster. It's really useful that for a homogenous cluster, it replicates changes to all members in one step.

In 6.5, OpCenter enhanced the Cluster View feature for applications, but neither OpCenter6.5 or BES6.5 provides the exact same feature to help user maintain the consistency among the cluster members. User have to make change to each member manually.

Migrating the cluster setting from 5.2.1 requires the migration tool described in the following article:

  • Migration from BES 5.2.1 to BES 6.5

Run the tool against all the server members in the cluster in 5.2.1, they will become "configuration" in 6.5, then arrange them manually as your application need. But later on, if you need to deploy modules or make changes to each server, you need to do it manually.

However, the "Cluster" feature in 5.2.1 is useful, an enhancement request #4868 has filed to request the feature back.

Update: This enhancement is implemented in BAS 6.6. Please refer to the following article for more details:

  • Clustering J2EE Applications with Borland AppServer 6.6


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