Using the VisiBroker property "vbroker.naming.smrr.pruneStaleRef".



This article relates to the VisiBroker property "vbroker.naming.smrr.pruneStaleRef", clarifying under which circumstances it is suitable.


VisiBroker 8.5.x
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As described in the VisiBroker Developer's Guides, the property "vbroker.naming.smrr.pruneStaleRef" can be used to remove stale object references from a naming service cluster. For more information, please see the VisiBRoker JAva and C++ Developer's Guides:

VisiBroker Documentation Page

However, this property is not suitable in all cases.

This article clarifies when it is suitable to use the property "vbroker.naming.smrr.pruneStaleRef".


As described in the VisiBroker Developer's Guides, the property "vbroker.naming.smrr.pruneStaleRef" is relevant when the name service cluster uses the Smart Round Robin criterion. When this property is set to 1, a stale object reference that was previously bound to a cluster with the Smart Round Robin criterion will be removed from the bindings when the name service discovers it.

It should be noted the above functionality is proprietary. That is, it is not defined in the OMG CORBA specification and is relevant only to VisiBroker.

The above functionality applies only when the VisiBroker naming service is invoked upon by a VisiBroker client. It does not apply when non-VisiBroker clients invoke on the service.

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