Steps for cleaning up and re-registering VisiBroker license



This article explains the steps to clean up and re-register VisiBroker installation in supported operating systems. The latest VisiBroker version 8.5's supported platforms can be referred here:

IMPORTANT - The cleanup and re-register is only needed when there is a license issue in the existing VisiBroker installation. Please note that before cleaning up and re-registration, you need to contact support to increase the registration count for your license. Without a valid reason, we would not be able to increase the registration count. For example, if you are just planning to re-install the product in a different location in the same machine, we will not be able to increase the count. For re-hosting the license, you can contact support.

Cleanup instructions

1. In the problematic VisiBroker installation, backup and remove the following files/folders from <VBROKERDIR>/var folder:       

 - borland*.lic       

       - borland.pkg      

       - mf_license.dat & mf_licensej.dat ( if exists )

       - the hidden files and folders under var folder(eg: var\.bpy-tjacqr).

If you do not see the hidden files/folders, in windows, you will need to enable viewing hidden files in Folder Options. In unix, you can use "ls -la" command to list the hidden files/folders.

2. Backup and remove the reg*.txt or hidden *.slip from <VBROKERDIR>/license folder. 

3. After removing the above mentioned files, open a unix console or windows command prompt(depending upon in which OS you have installed VisiBroker). If it is an unix operating system, login using the non-root user(same user who installed VisiBroker).

4. Go to <VBROKERDIR>/bin folder. For VisiBroker 8.5, the default folder for unix operating system is /opt/MicroFocus/VisiBroker and for windows, it is C:\MicroFocus\VisiBroker.

5. Setup VisiBroker environment by running ". ./" for unix OS or "vbroker.bat" for windows.

6. Run "lmadm -i console".

7. The following are the options that will be made available to you

In Unix:

In Windows:

8. Enter option 2 to list all licenses and you should not see any license listed. This step makes sure that you have cleaned up the license successfully.

Re-registration of VisiBroker license

You can refer the following articles for the registration of VisiBroker license:

Steps for license registration in console mode after VisiBroker installation

Steps for license registration in GUI mode after VisiBroker installation


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