Migration from BES 5.2.1 to BES 6.5


Borland Enterprise Server 6.5 : Migration from Borland Enterprise Server 5.2.1

Tool Information

Status: Candidate [1.0]
Tool Location: BES6.5_Install/lib/migrate.jar
Release Date (mm/dd/yyyy): 1/14/2005
Platforms: All platforms supported by the product. See product platform information.
Prerequisite: Borland Enterprise Server 5.2.1 [05.02.01.P1.xx] and Borland Enterprise Server 6.5 [06.05.00.C1.15 for Solaris or Windows x86]
Base: Borland Enterprise Server 6.5
Obsoletes: None
Dependencies JDK 1.4.x is required


Tool Description

This add-on tool extends BES 6.5 to include migration of BES 5.2.1 server instances to BES 6.5 configuration templates. Once the tool is installed it simply needs to be run for each BES 5.2.1 server instance that requires migration. Each migrated server instance results in configuration template being added to the BES 6.5 installation. The BES console can then be used to create as many live configurations as required (typically just one) from each template, and to manage (start/stop) the configurations.

You access the new configuration templates using the Template Gallery. Each new configuration template is stored initially in the 'Configuration Category' 'other'.

Once started, a migrated configuration should offer all the same BES and application services as the previous BES 5.2.1 server instance. Note that the BES 5.2.1 server instance should be stopped before starting the new BES 6.5 configuration. See the Borland Op-Center Developer's Guide for details about using configurations.

Migration Details

The following list details which aspects of a BES 5.2.1 server instance are migrated into the BES 6.5 configuration template:

Migration Status
User Smart Agent: Uses managed_objects/migration/visibroker/services/osagent template.
Copied to configuration.
Copied to configuration.
Management Smart Agent: Not migrated.
OTS: Uses managed_objects/visibroker/services/ots template.
Sonic MQ: Not Migrated.
Apache 2: Uses managed_objects/web/apache template.
Copied to configuration.
Copied to configuration.
Smart copied to configuration and migrated to mod_iiop2.
Migration presumes no post 5.2.1 installation customizations.
Partitions: Uses the managed_objects/migration/partitions/5_2_1 template.
partition instance libraries
Copied to configuration.
partition instance classes
Not migrated.
common libraries
Copied to configuration, replacing any partition instance libraries of the same name (thereby preserving BES 5.2.1 library precedence order).
archives (ears, wars, rars, dars and ejb_jars)
Copied to configuration and stubs regenerated.

Migrated. Any existing security properties are commented out and replaced by the default BES 6.5 security configuration.


All migrated, except for: runas [yet] and logging properties, trace.

partition service properties All migrated, except for logging properties, and partitionagent.properties.
partition_server.config partition_optimizeit.config

Migrated. Note:

  • javahome is only migrated when it references a default 5.2.1 JVM shipped with BES. If it references any other VM it is not migrated and a warning is issued requiring the user to manually set javahome in the .config file.
  • vmtype is set to jvmdefault if it's not already set to jvmdefault.
Service start order
Migrated. Shutdown order is presumed to be the inverse.
Partition start order
Log configuration
Not migrated [yet].
Run as
Not migrated [yet].
Not migrated.
Not migrated.

"Smart copied" means that file paths to locations in the BES 5.2.1 installation are updated during the copy to refer to the equivalent location in the BES 6.5 template.

Note that, except as noted, the contents of nativeservice.properties and service.properties for each service are not migrated to the configuration template at this time.

Running The Migration Tool

The migration tool can be run as a GUI tool or from the command line. Invoking the migrate command will launch the GUI. The command line variant is run by the migrate -Dmigration.gui.disabled=true command.

Each run of the migration tool can be configured by the following properties:

migration.gui.disabled No False When set to true, run in command line mode.

Automatically set to the BES 6.5 installation containing the migration tool

The root directory of the BES 6.5 installation where the new configurations will be created.
None The root directory of the BES 5.2.1 installation where the server instance is migrated from.
bes The name of the BES 5.2.1 server instance to migrate.
False If true, migrate all services and partitions, otherwise only migrate enabled services and partitions.


True Migrate server and partition instance libraries.



True Migrate all archives deployed to the partition.


True Migrate partition_server.config and partiton_optimizeit.config.


True Migrate partition and partition service properties.



True Regenerate application archive stubs.





The location where the configuration template and it's data directory will be created.


${bes521.server.name}.xml The name of the new configuration template for the migrated server instance.


False By default, if the configuration template or data directory exists the migration does not proceed.

All of these properties can be specified as Java system properties. A properties file can be used when invoking the tool in command line mode. The file is specified by the "migrate.props" system property on the migrate command line. System properties override properties in the file. The GUI mode does not accept a properties file, and will ignore the "migrate.props" system property

GUI example usage:

C:\Borland\bes650c115\bin>migrate -Dbes521.root=C:\Borland\bes521c135 -Dbes521.server.name=bes

Command line example usage:

C:\Borland\bes650c115\bin>migrate -Dmigration.gui.disabled=true -Dmigrate.props=C:\working\migration.props

Artifacts Not Migrated

  • Hosted modules are not migrated. The custom configuration necessary to host a module in 5.2.1 cannot be programmatically migrated to a 6.5 installation.

Known Issues

  • GUI 'View Properties' viewer does not display current properties settings. Changes in properties using GUI are not reflected in the panel displayed when clicking the 'View Properties' button. The properties are respected during the migration itself.
  • The tool may sometimes fail to 'smart copy' the Web Server configuration file httpd.conf. The tool will log a warning. You must manually migrate the Web Server configuration.
  • The property 'service.description' is not migrated for OTS, the Borland Web Server (apache) or for the User Smart Agent.
  • When migrating a Borland Web Server between UNIX or Linux and a Microsoft Windows platform, the file httpd.conf may need to be edited to remove modules that are available on one platform, such as the cgid_module or the isapi_module, but are not avaialble on the new host platform. You may need to manually remove such LoadModule directives. This is as designed.
  • The 'javahome' directive for partition_server.config may not migrate properly when the target 6.5 installation does not have a default JDK. The BES installers for HP-UX and AIX do not include a JDK. When migrating from a 5.2.1 Solaris installation to a 6.5 HP-UX installation, for instance, the tool will not properly migrate the 'javahome' directive. The instantiated 6.5 configuration, will fail to start because the partition cannot find its configured JDK. If you encounter this problem, you must modify the file <6.x_inst_root>/var/domains/base/configurations/<configuration_name>/mos/partition/<partition_name>/adm/properties/partition_server.config. You must comment out or remove the 'javahome' directive and add an 'include' directive:

## add this line include
## comment out this line or remove it. comment lines begin with '#'
#javahome $var(installRoot)/jdk/jdk1.4.2


Installation Instructions

Please follow the steps below to install the tool:

  • Download the archive. Use the right mouse button on the link to bring up a menu, then select the "Save Link As..." option to save the file.
  • Unpack the archive (using jar) in the <bes65_install> directory so the files in the archive unpack into the required subdirectory structure.



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