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VisiBroker Console (VBConsole) enables you to easily manage (i.e. monitor, configure, tune and debug) VisiBroker ORB Services (such as Smart Agent, Location Service, Naming Service, Implementation Repository, GateKeeper, VisiNotify, etc) that are deployed in a distributed environment from a single Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Please note that the VBConsole described in the following articles is based on VisiBroker 8.5. The VBConsole in the early versions of VisiBroker may have different GUI design and functions.

Benefits of using VisiBroker Console

Although some of the management functions available in VBConsole can also be performed using VisiBroker command line tools (e.g. osfind, nsutil, etc), some users may still prefer to interact with a GUI instead of the command line tools, simply because it’s more user friendly, intuitive and aids the learning curve. Furthermore, the VBConsole also provides functions not available in the command line tools.

The VBConsole can also help you configure the properties file for the various Services using wizards instead of a plain text editor. A new Visibroker user, who is not familiar with the exact property names, their possible values and syntax, will find this feature very useful.

Starting VisiBroker Console

Before starting the VBConsole, you need to set the usual VisiBroker run-time environment variables in a command line window by sourcing the “$VBROKERDIR/bin/” script in Unix platform, or run the “%VBROKERDIR%\bin\vbroker.bat” batch file in Windows platform. The VBConsole executable is located in “$VBROKERDIR/bin/vbconsole” in Unix platform, or “%VBROKERDIR%\bin\vbconsole.exe” in Windows platform. You can use the default credential settings with “admin” as password when prompted as the VBConsole starts up.

The following screen is a typical VBConsole GUI. It shows the VisiBroker Services belonging to a ORB Domain which uses the Smart Agent port 41225.

 VisiBroker Console (VBConsole)

The VisiBroker Services running in this ORB Domain will be displayed in the Navigation Pane on the left, while the detailed information for each Service is displayed in the Content pane on the right.

To manage a particular VisiBroker Service, simply click on its icon in the hierarchical tree structure inside the Navigation Pane. The corresponding GUI, operations and information specific to the selected Service will be displayed inside the Content Pane. For example, the above screen shot shows the Location Service Browser when the “SmartAgent Port:XXX” icon is clicked.

This series of articles will give you an introduction of how to use the VBConsole to manage the various VisiBroker Services.

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