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As you already know, VisiBroker CORBA middleware is used by many mission-critical systems (e.g. telecommunication systems) in the world. These systems normally need to service huge amount of concurrent requests from many distributed clients and servers efficiently and reliably.

VisiBroker sophisticated thread and connection management mechanism allows the user to tune it so as to achieve optimal performance based on the application's performance requirement and operating environment limitations.

A system that is not tuned properly can usually lead to performance and stability issues, especially when it is under high load. For example, a common symptom is that too many threads and connections are created by VisiBroker, leading to unreasonably high memory consumption and slow response. If this situation persists, it may cause out of memory issue and destabilize the whole application. In the worst case, it may even cause the whole application process to crash.

In the following tutorial series, we use practical examples to show the effects of performance tuning and explain the underlying theory.

This tutorial will be growing and the content will be released in a series of updates over the next weeks ... A preview will be something close to the following.

There's quite a bit of illustrations of these concepts with an example, and so it warrants a page on its own ... Example Explained.

This will be followed by -

Thread Management:

VisiBroker Threads

Thread Pool Dispatcher unlimitedConcurrency

Thread Pool Dispatcher threadMax

Thread Pool Dispatcher threadMaxIdle

Thread Pool Performance

Other Thread Pool Dispatcher Tuning

Connection Management:

Server Engine connectionMax

Server Engine connectionMaxIdle

Client Engine connectionMax

Client Engine connectionCacheMax

Server Engine Java NIO

Other Connection Tuning

Quality of Service (QoS) - Timeout:

QoS Relative Round Trip Timeout

QoS tcpTimeout

Other QoS Timeout Tuning

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