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Webservice client program returning HTTP status code 8

I have autogenerated Webservice client program using how to article in Micro focus documentation link Programming > COBOL Programming > Interface Mapping Toolkit (IMTK) > How toGenerate Clients > To generate a RESTful COBOL console client from JSON

It is working fine for HTTP based webservices. However, same approach does not work for HTTPS based webservice. Its throwing HTTP status code 8 (Communication error) 

Error: HTTP Status Code 00008
Error: Communications component error

Our Micro focus environment does not have HTTPS listener available which could be the reason for above error.

I went through the Micro focus documentation and found below article which could explain the missing Communications component error message

Did anyone faced similar issue? What was done to fix it? 

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  • I am not quite sure I understand your environment. The original post is in regards to generating a client console program that will call a web service which turns out to be a 3rd party web service. This does not involve Enterprise Server at all as Enterprise Server is used to host a web service itself.

    Are you running a web service under Enterprise Server that needs to call a 3rd party web service or is the client a standalone program? If it is not running under Enterprise Server then you do not need to configure Enterprise Server.

    Both the client and server sides need to be configured to use SSL. The original documentation deals with securing the generated client side. The 3rd party web service should already be configured to use SSL as you have no control over this. You will need to configure the client to use the same certificates that the server is expecting.

    Chris Glazier
    Rocket Software - Principal Technical Support Specialist
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  • Hi Chris,

    I have created a secured listener so that we can call 3rd party webservice. But even after creating secured listener,

    Webservice client program failing with HTTP status code 8

  • Hi Chris,

    Do we need to update the root certification location in ESCERTPAS.CBL file which is in dll format in bin directory ? Need your guidance.