cobtoxml giving error creating XML files

Recently new rmcobol licence installed and after that when I try to create SOAP style sheets (xsd, xsl etc) recompiling exisiting programs (no changes were made), I get error.

So I tried to test as per the document here page 22 -

Program - getstarted.cbl

Identification Division.
Program-Id. Getting-Started.
Data Division.
Working-Storage Section.
01 Customer-Address.
02 Name Pic X(128).
02 Address-1 Pic X(128).
02 Address-2 Pic X(128).
02 Address-3.
03 City Pic X(64).
03 State Pic X(2).
03 Zip Pic 9(5) Binary.

then I give - rmcobol getstarted.cbl y  - which runs fine

then I give - cobtoxml getstarted customer-address -bv

Cobol Object File: /test/getstarted.cob
Cobol Data Item Name: customer-address
XML Document Names: /test/getstarted.[xsd,xsl,xtl]
Options - Schema: XSD
Error: 12[0] - data item - not found

Is there any environment changes needed after installing new rmcobol licence? 

In the same program if I give a display statement and rmcobol getstarted y and runcobol getstarted it works fine.

Any help would be appreciated.