Where is the "wish list" for Visual COBOL?

Where can I find the "wish list" or "feature request list" for Visual COBOL?  You, the place where people can describe a feature they would like to see and then other Visual COBOL users vote on whether they would also like to see it?

One that I would like to see is the Application.config file working the way it does with Managed code and all of the other IDE's in Visual Studio, instead of whatever it is that is there now.  It would be nice to have a config file that actually works as a config file, providing information to the program that is not available at compile time, "late binding" and can be transformed like the app.config in Managed code.


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    We do not currently have a wishlist section for Visual COBOL on this Community site but we are actively pursuing the creation of an area for this because of your urging. Stay tuned!

    For native applications there are currently many different approaches to the configuration of run-time options. I agree that it would be nice to have a single late-binding solution as is done in managed code. In .NET managed code there is a Configuration class that can be used to access the various config files. In native code there is no such thing.

    Currently in native code some of the methods that can be used to configure the run-time:

    .mfgcf file - binary file - set tunables, switches and env variables
    .mfcfg file - text file - run-time launcher, set env variables, run-time location and licensing location
    cobconfig.cfg - text file - COBCONFIG env variable locates, set run-time tunables
    .bat file - text file - set env variables, run-time location, licensing location, switches thru COBSW

  • Thanks, Chris. Good to hear about this. Just what you all needed, a long list of enhancement suggestions to append to your To-Do list!