Micro Focus COBOL Server license on different subnet.

I have a client where we are running Micro Focus COBOL Server Version 2.2 update 1.   We are using it to run native, unmanaged INTs.  They have 2 separate subnets set up, 192.168.100... and 192.168.1....   COBOL Server and the license are installed on the 192.168.100... subnet.  And everything from this subnet works fine.

The IP address for the server where the license is installed in and the server name is CCFDC-3.

They are trying to get a PC on the other subnet to talk to the license server.  The 192.168.1... subnet can see the server by the server name, not IP address.   I run a batch file to launch our application:

SET COBSW=/S15000 P3-F B C
set PATH=%COBDIR%;%COBDIR%\bin;%PATH%;f:\batches

mfcesdchk.exe >nul
if errorlevel 1 goto startlic
goto startapp

start /B mfcesd.exe -b

mfcesdchk.exe >nul
if errorlevel 1 goto checkloop



The mfcesdchk.exe is successful, but when we get to the 'RUN K:REG2MENU', we get the following error:

error code: 247, pc=0, call=1, seg=0

247 Licensing error (Error[5]: Cannot talk to the license server on host "". Server may not be running.)

Is there a configuration option we can change to accomplish this?  Possibly using  the server name in the Advanced Configuration instead of the IP address?    Or is this strictly a networking issue that they will need to deal with?