Multiple Versions of COBOL Developer on same laptop?

We have several clients that we support and they are all currently running COBOL Server 2.2.

One of them is upgrading their server to Windows Server 2019 and I need to upgrade them to COBOL Server 5.0.

I can't install Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2017 (5.0) on my development laptop unless I uninstall 2.2 first. BUT.... I still need to support my clients that will remain on 2.2.

We will eventually be upgrading all clients to 5.0, but I need to support both versions for the time being... how do I accomplish this?

We only run native code compiled to INTs. We do not run any managed code.

  • You cannot have two different versions of Visual COBOL coexisting on the same computer. In early product releases this was possible but it is not anymore.

    If you need to still run an older VC 2.2 version simultaneously with the VC 5.0 version then you would need to install one of these on a different computer or on a VM running on the same physical computer.

    You would need to speak with your Account Manager about doing this as it most likely would involve getting an additional Development license. 

  • Thanks for the reply.... but it's unfortunate...

    In a perfect world I would upgrade all of my clients at the same time... but that world doesn't exist.   I guess I'll have to jump thru some hoops to maintain both versions.

  • Will INTs compiled using 2.2 run on COBOL Server 5.0?

  • Although we always recommend that you recompile your source code using the latest product release which is at the same version level as the run-time system under which it is run, this is not absolutely necessary if you are running only .int code in your application.
    .int code produced with the VC 2.2 product should run correctly under the COBOL Server 5.0 product as we always try to make the COBOL Server product upwardly compatible. 
    If you are generating .obj files and linking them to .exe/.dlls then you would need to at the very least relink the .obj files with the latest version because the version of the dependent Microsoft C Redistributable Run-time system has changed at VC product version 4.0.